• The ocean is Ireland’s greatest energy resource. Our location at the westernmost edge of Europe places us at the receiving end of a vast transmission line of energy, with waves generated across the expanses of the Atlantic Ocean converging on our shores. The energy available to be captured from this resource well exceeds our current electricity requirements.

    Our tidal energy resource is more modest, while still offering the potential for up to 3GW of installed capacity without causing significant environmental impacts. The economic benefits that would be derived from utilising this resource are also considerable. Ireland’s Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan (OREDP) indicates that a fully developed ocean energy sector in Ireland would deliver a total net present value of €9 billion, as well as also providing  many thousands of jobs to the economy.

    Ireland is truly open for business in this space, with encouraging steps being taken in advancing devices and supporting technologies, test site development and international collaboration, and all the while these are underpinned by coherent policies.

    Irish companies continue to innovate and achieve success in this field, as embodied by the Sea Power project. Despite the challenges, ocean energy remains a real opportunity to deliver economic and societal benefits for the citizens of Ireland.

    Hydropower, or hydroelectric power, is the most common and least expensive source of renewable electricity in the Ireland today. According to experts more than 10% of the country’s electricity could was produced from hydropower resources in 2020 and about 30% of all renewable electricity generated in the Ireland can come from hydropower resources.

    Wave technology is one of the most exciting areas of untapped energy potential and this event will showcase key players responsible for ground breaking technology to harness the power of the ocean. Visit this event to learn about:

    · Advances in hydro power technology
    · Optimizing Hydropower Systems for Power and Environment
    · Hydropower Efficiency Projects
    · Global Hydropower Market
    · Environmental Mitigation Technologies for Conventional
    · Hydro Power Systems
    · Generation of Tidal Energy
    · Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology
    · Wave Power Farm



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